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Mail Platform Migration Notice 4/17/07

On Tuesday April 24th POP3 and webmail for celticweb domain will be migrated to a new server. This move has been precipitated by the age of the server hardware and software. Celticweb users are advised to use "remove from server" settings on mail clients. A link to the retired mail server will be posted on this site after the migration to allow users to remove any remaining mail from the old server. Your current settings should not change, however, passwords on the new server needed to be randomly generated. After the transfer please contact MegaNet support to get your temporary password for the new server.

Steps MegaNet is taking to reduce SPAM

SPAM is just as much a problem for the ISP as it is to the recipient. In fact SPAM costs ISPs real money. Translated, the extra traffic created by SPAM uses capacity on servers, routers and network connections. Effectively this "capacity" comes at a cost to the ISP and is stolen by the spammers to deliver their unwanted messages (for which they are paid handsomely).

One of the biggest problems with SPAM is defining it. You may have heard the expression "SPAM is in the eye of the beholder". Most ISPs define spam as unsolicited commercial email (UCE) and have very strict Terms of Service to prevent their customers from orginating messages or promoting customer sites through spamming. The steps MegaNet has taken are geared toward stopping UCE.

The most effective step to date has been the implimentation of the SpamCop Blocking List. MegaNet has been an ardent supporter of SpamCop and their creation of an extremely comprehensive blocking list. Other steps include the addition of commercial rules-based filtering software on the servers themselves. The overall effect has achieved a 80% reduction in the amount of SPAM delivered.

At present, these new measures are blocking 300,000 spam messages, on average, PER DAY!

Finally, while it is impossible to stop all instances of spam, there are steps you can take to reduce the amount you may get in the future. Avoid getting on the spammer's list in the first place. Spammer's compile lists in a number of ways but the most common is the acceptance of a free product offer or magazine subscription in exchange for filling out a survey. Websites that require registration may also reserve the right to use or sell your email address a part of their acceptance agreement. The more obvious opportuinities for spammers to add your address include your website, remove your email addresses in favor of a contact form so it cannot be spidered off your site, and please use the BCC field in emails with multiple recipients. That one innocent joke you sent to the private email addresses of your friends and family could be recklessly fowarded thousands of times until it reaches a spammer.

Celticweb and MegaNet Join Forces


Increased Technical Support Hours
The NEW technical support number & hours are as follows:

Monday - Friday 9:00am to 9:00pm
Saturday & Sunday 10:00am to 7:00pm
1-877-MEG-ANET (1-877-634-2638)
Email support:


Dialup Connection Numbers - New Number -new last 4 numbers 6342
Logon: Drop the "" when dialing up
Email address: UNCHANGED
Passwords: UNCHANGED


The NEW billing procedures are as follows:

Credit Cards: Billed on the first of each month for the current month.
Invoice and Email: Billed on the 15th of the month prior to the month/quarter
Due date: Due on the first of the month/quarter being billed.


Meganet Communications
315 Pleasant St
Fall River, MA 02721

Please adjust your online automatic payment setup.

Celticweb and MegaNet have joined forces. For you, our Celticweb customer, this means improved service and technical support. For the most part changes will be transparent for you. Your email address will not change and you will still be able to use the internet as you always have. Also there will be no change in current prices.

You will have to make two minor technical changes. You will need to change the last 4 digits of your access number from 5465 to 6342. So if your access number was 617 507 5465, it is now 617 507 6342.

Also the username you use to dialup to the internet will change from to just "USERNAME". So for example, in your dialup settings you may see a username such as "". Just delete the "" portion so that it just reads "joe".

Please make sure that if you have automatic online checks being sent to Celticweb, please change them so that they are paid to MegaNet Communications, and mailed to the address above.

If you have any questions you may call the MegaNet Support line, or email Celticweb's phone will be redireted to MegaNet.

These changes are immediate and you should make changes upon receipt of this email.


Celticweb and Meganet
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